Establish Residency

The first requirement to becoming a citizen after successfully getting a green card is residency. Most green card holders are eligible to become a citizen after living in the United States for at least five years. If a person gets their green card through marriage, the requirement is only three years. An experienced citizenship lawyer can help green card holders navigate through the complicated citizenship process and fill out the required paperwork for obtaining their final goal.

Education about the U.S.A.

Another requirement of American citizenship is education about the United States. Foreign green card holders must have a good grasp on the English language. They must demonstrate an ability to read, speak, and write in English before being considered for citizenship. Applicants must take a test in English to prove fluency. Additionally, these potential American citizens must also pass a written test that quizzes the applicant's understanding of American history and civics.

Demonstrate Moral Character

The United States also dictates that potential citizens must demonstrate strong moral character. The immigration office looks carefully at applicants and reviews criminal files to determine if someone has a strong sense of morals. While residing in the United States, people who aim to become citizens should not commit any crimes, otherwise, they may be denied citizenship. Additionally, making false statements in immigration documentation may lead to a denial.

Once green card holders have completed their residency requirements, they can then start the application process for American citizenship. They will complete a detailed application, and in some cases, attend a biometrics appointment. After they have completed that step and submitted their language and civics testing information, they will be interviewed and a decision will be made. New American citizens participate in a special ceremony welcoming them to this country.